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I made a post a few weeks back now saying how our modern lifestyle is the absolute worst way to live for PCOS. Our current food system is not built for health and making sure you feel your best. It's built for convenience, hyper-palatability, and supercharged profits for huge companies.

Optimal dietary guidelines for PCOS will include limiting sugar intake, limiting processed foods, increased vegetable and fruit intake, lots of lean meats for protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates to keep you energized.

But, let's look at what an average day of eating for many people could look like in today's world.

8AM: Skip breakfast because short on time but can have a coffee with two sugars in it.

10AM: Morning tea comes around and will

quickly grab a couple little biscuits with another coffee with two more sugar

12PM: Lunch-time comes around and we grab a quick chicken schnitzel sandwich on white bread with a 500ml bottle of orange juice.

5:30PM: We get home from work and because we haven't eaten since lunch we're starving so before dinner we grab a packet of chips out of the pantry

7: 30PM: Dinner time has to please the whole family and stay within budget so we make a spaghetti bolognese

8:30PM: Sitting down relaxing while watching TV and we grab some chocolate and wash it down with a glass of wine.

Now, that could look like anyone's day, it may not look like yours but it's incredibly normal (I've worked with A LOT of clients).

If you look at it, we're constantly spiking out BSL levels throughout the day causing multiple insulin spikes meaning our body is always in 'fat-storing' mode.

With PCOS, especially if your insulin-resistant PCOS, this way of eating is only exacerbating your IR, and therefore, the symptoms of your PCOS/IR.

This way of eating is calorie dense meaning that it is incredibly easy to overeat on your calorie intake leading to weight gain.

This way of eating is deficient is near all your nutrients and vitamins leading to an unhealthy body, poor energy levels, and can lead to thyroid issues.

I get it, we're busy, we're short on time, we're looking after our wallets so the easiest and cheapest things to buy/eat are made-made options like I mentioned in the first paragraph. Not to mention the education of what's healthy and not is extremely confusing or not there at all.

Our modern diets are literally the worst way to eat for PCOS, literally, the worst! The big issue here is that diet is probably the most impactful behavior there is on PCOS.


Eating healthy for your health and PCOS isn't impossible, it doesn't need to be confusing, stressful, or expensive but, it will require some effort, constant effort, commitment but, I know how much this means to you so I know you're up for the job.


Guidelines for a healthy PCOS diet:
👉 Low to moderate carbohydrate intake
👉 Most of your carbs to be low-GI (brown or white long-grain white, sweet potato, wholegrain bread)
👉 Think protein at every meal (meats, eggs, fish)
👉 Healthy fats (olive oil, avocado, whole eggs)

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Drew Baird is the founder and owner of Drew Baird Fitness and Healthy PCOS. Drew has worked with over 23,800 clients on his online weight loss programs and helped his clients lose over 263,000kgs. He's known for his realistic, no bullshit approach to getting results.


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