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Lose Weight With PCOS

Learn how to get results, enjoy the process, take control of your body and keep your results for a lifetime.

Helping Woman With PCOS To Lose Weight

These are some of our incredible PCOS clients and their wonderful results.


I had to overcome food cravings which was extremely hard as all I used to eat was take away food and high carb foods, and to now be eating clean healthy wholesome foods my mood and my confidence has improved immensely, i started this journey to better myself and to be the best I can be and enjoy the journey to my goals. It hasn't been easy but it is worth it when you see results


I joined DBF hoping that this would give me the assistance I needed to finally lose some weight. Instead thanks to Drew and the team I was given the tools to build a new life. I was tired, lethargic, sick all the time and cranky. I am now full of energy, full of life and I feel amazing! 18 kgs gone forever from my life.

MY advice anyone looking for a way to completely change their life to give the program a go! I did and I will never look back again!! Thank you Drew and team, you've changed my life!!


This has been one of the best journeys I’ve ever been on! Yes, to begin with, it was hard! I was completely addicted to sugar. I have learned so much about myself through this journey and have become such a stronger person mentally. It has given me the confidence to leave a toxic relationship and for once, allowing myself to be happy!

I have learned I can still enjoy the foods I love. My biggest achievement is I’m now starting to run on the treadmill, something I was once before petrified of, now makes me feel amazing! I have learned so much from this program, and am now loving life!


I have loved my journey so far. I have found my WHY and I am consistently motivated when I read this and my goals on my day to day basis. When I feel down or unmotivated I make myself read my goals and help to condition my mind. I still have a long journey ahead of me. But the two things I am most proud of are;

1.I have reached my goals of being able to fit and feel comfortable in the clothes I wear. 2. I am started to gain muscle in my body as I have been especially working on my arms.


You Will Discover

The PCOS Specific Approach To Weight Loss

Here's the big issue, normal weight loss plans focus solely on calories, energy in over energy out. But, why doesn't this work as well with PCOS? because the underlying cause of weight gain isn't calories, it's hormonal imbalances.

If you're not addressing these hormonal imbalances you cannot successfully lose weight long-term. In this guide, I'll explain to you what these imbalances are and what you can do to correct them. 


The Ideal PCOS Macronutrient Ratio


The Best Exercise Types For PCOS


The Mindset Perspective For Lasting Motivation


The Four Best PCOS Supplements

There's Nothing More Special Than Messages Like This

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How To Lose Weight With PCOS

There is so much confusion around losing weight with PCOS. There doesn't need to be.

I speak with women every day who feel absolutely lost when trying to lose weight. Often, your doctor tells you that you need to lose weight without offering any advice at all about how to actually go about it. In this guide, you'll learn...

  • How PCOS affects your weight in the first place

  • The key hormonal imbalances you must correct

  • The best supplements for each hormonal imbalance

  • The daily 'to-do' list for health, energy, and confidence.

What Our Amazing PCOS Clients Are Saying



When I first started this program I was tipping the scales into triple digits and felt very sad and angry with myself for allowing myself to go so far, I was totally lost. I love how I have learned to make healthy choices and grown to love food for all its nutritional benefits. That I can pass onto them just how wonderful life is and how happy 

I recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with learning how to proportion meals and make healthy life choices. I thank Drew Baird fitness every day for brightening my future and making me grow into a person I can now love deep inside myself and also in the mirror.


When I joined up I was a 34-year-old, unhappy, anxious, mother of a beautiful 9-year-old daughter. I had many failed attempts at crash dieting in the past, nothing seemed to work for me. The larger I got, the more I hated myself. 

I am starting to LOVE my new skin and most importantly LOVE myself. I spend time with my daughter outside playing and running and enjoying her childhood, I smile and I am happy, I LOVE my life.

Once you start seeing results it will only drive you to work harder. Thank you to Drew and the team for not only my new body but my new healthy happy life, I am sure my daughter says thank you too !!!!


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