How To Reduce Testosterone Levels with PCOS

How To Reduce Testosterone Levels with PCOS

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Making losing weight with PCOS easier with simple,m strategic tips & tricks.
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High testosterone levels are the cause of many unwanted symptoms of PCOS, including; irregular periods, fertility issues, hair growth, hair loss, and acne. There are three main sources of high testosterone in women with PCOS.


Ovarian testosterone is triggered by excessive amounts of insulin caused by insulin resistance. Therefore, to lower ovarian testosterone production you must focus on reversing insulin resistance. Here's how:

👉 Follow a low-carb diet (20-30% of overall calories) to reduce the amount of BSL and insulin spikes
👉 Combine regular sessions of resistance, restorative and HIIT workouts to help improve insulin sensitivity.
👉 Get your sleep! Sleep is a master regulator of your entire hormone system. 7 hours at least per night!
👉 Take supplements that will help with insulin sensitivity such as Inositol (3-4g daily), NAC (600mg-1.5g daily), and chromium (20mcg daily).


Adrenal testosterone (DHEA) is caused by chronic levels of stress, the adrenals are responsible for the production of your stress hormones. Therefore, to lower adrenal testosterone production you must focus on reducing your physical and emotional stress levels. Here's how:

👉 Identify, and work to cut out sources of emotional stress in your life.
👉 Once again, get your sleep in as cortisol (stress hormone) is largely dependant on your circadian rhythm.
👉 Make sure you do your restorative exercise sessions such as walking, stretching, yoga etc.
👉 Take supplements that will help with stress levels such as ashwagandha, omega-3 fish oil, and magnesium.


3️⃣ ADIPOSE TISSUE (body fat)
Testosterone is also produced by fat tissue. Having excess amounts of fat tissue (being overweight) means there is more tissue to produce more testosterone. Therefore, to lower adipose testosterone production you must focus on reducing your body fat levels. Here's how:

👉 Make sure to eat in a very slight calorie deficit. To do this, use a free TDEE calculator online and find your metabolic rate. Eat 100-300 calories under this number.
👉 Regular exercise is so incredibly powerful. Combine the exercise recommendations as before (resistance, restorative and HIIT workouts)
👉 Focus on the 3 S's of PCOS hormonal balance (stress, sleep, supplementation) I made a post about this a week or two back

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