The 3 S's For PCOS Hormonal Balance

The 3 S's For PCOS Hormonal Balance

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Making losing weight with PCOS easier with simple,m strategic tips & tricks.
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Diet and exercise are the two lifestyle behaviors that get talked about the most when we're speaking about PCOS and for good reason.

But, they aren't the only factors can help you take control of your PCOS. Here is what I call the 3 S's of PCOS hormonal balance.

Chronic stress is one of the key driving forces of PCOS. It increased inflammation, worsens insulin resistance, increases testosterone production, not to mention, negatively impacts your emotional well-being.

Rest-based living is a great way to manage stress levels. This means taking a little time each day to rest, bath, stretch, relax, unwind, de-clutter your mind, soothe your soul and relax your body.

Sleep is the master reset button for your hormonal state. A lack of sleep can impact your hormones, energy, hunger, cravings, performance, everything! Quality sleep is incredibly vital to overall hormonal health and therefore, your health!

You may need to implement a nighttime routine such as turning off all light, not touching your phone, taking a hot shower and hour before bed, or even supplementing with melatonin.

The products you choose to spend your hard-earned money on need to actually help you with your specific needs. Whether that’s insulin sensitivity, reducing androgen levels, reducing inflammation etc.

This means supplements like inositol, NAC, DIM, saw-palmetto, zinc, Omega-3, and turmeric can all assist you with your specific needs. Don't just take any supplement, it needs to help YOUR specific needs.

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Drew Baird is the founder and owner of Drew Baird Fitness and Healthy PCOS. Drew has worked with over 23,800 clients on his online weight loss programs and helped his clients lose over 263,000kgs. He's known for his realistic, no bullshit approach to getting results.


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