What Matters for Weight Loss, Food Quality OR Quantity?

Food Quality OR Quantity

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I love the debate around whether the quantity or quality of food matters more? Must you eat organic and unprocessed at all times? or is there room for some soul food if you ensure you're overall calories are in check?

Here are the absolute facts; eating a diet that allows you to achieve a calorie deficit will always result in weight loss, that's a universal law. This means that in a calorie deficit, you can have soul food just as something as healthy as a salad if it puts you in a calorie surplus, which can lead to weight gain. So, quantity matters.

But so does quality, wholesome nutritious food is often nutrient-dense and far less calorie dense meaning that it allows you to more easily achieve a calorie deficit with far more food and less restriction/hunger.

Some people will love eating a greater volume of whole foods. Others would rather eat less volume but eat more soul foods, both could potentially work for the right person.

This is why you need to avoid listening to blanket statements about what's right/wrong, healthy and unhealthy. You don't have to go keto or do intermittent fasting because it's the hot thing to do.

There is no blanket black or white answer here. We're all individuals with our own preferences, lifestyles, and metabolic profiles. It's not about what works for Susan, it's about what works for you.

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